1-on-1 Private Personal Training In San Diego, Ca

Transform Your Health & Physique
With Individually-Customized
Fitness Training & Nutrition Coaching

Put an end to all the guesswork and frustration with fully-customized training and nutrition coaching,  programmed to work with your specific goals and preferences.

I’ll be right there by your side to teach, and help enforce perfect training form throughout, ensuring that you achieve the maximum results from every workout.

Here’s A Quick-List Of What You’ll Receive:

  • 50 Minute, 1-on-1 Training Sessions
  • Customized, Science-Backed Training & Nutrition
  • Complete Progress Tracking & Adjustments
  • All The Resources & Support You Need To Succeed
training a client

Achieve Results With Just 3 Training Sessions Per Week


We’ll talk about your workout experience, dietary preferences, what has worked in the past, what hasn’t; and of course, all the fitness goals you’d like to accomplish while working with me.

I understand that every client is different and require unique strategies. This is why it’s crucial to gather all the data necessary to develop individually-customized programing that laser-targets results.


Learn how to fuel your workouts and laser-target fat loss by learning to choose the exact foods needed to optimize your fitness journey. I will give you a flexible diet plan that’s both effective, and incredibly easy to maintain due to its flexibility.

  • Eat The Foods You Love, And Stay Satisfied

No more dry, bland chicken breast and broccoli. You’re going to learn how to achieve life-changing physical transformation while eating a variety of deliciously prepared meals.

Starving and feeling hungry all the time will also be a thing of the past; as the meals in your customized diet plan will keep you full, satisfied, and energized.

  • Eat Out Every Meal If It’s Easier For You – I’ll Teach You Exactly What You Can, And Cannot Order

I know what it’s like to reach for the most convenient (and tasty) foods that don’t require much cooking time to get through a busy schedule.

Nonetheless, I’ve been able to maintain optimum health, energy, and peak physical fitness by sticking to a few, very simple core nutrition principles that have allowed me to conveniently order take-out for the majority of my meals over the last decade. You will learn these same principles.

  • No Restricted Foods

Again, there will be NO foods off limits, including alcohol. You’re going to learn how to satisfy your cravings while still getting results.

And remember, even if you accidentally “cheat” on your diet, I’ll be able to adjust your following days’ meals accordingly to keep you on track for the week overall.

Increase Functional Strength, Mobility And Cardio… All In 1 Workout

We work together to find the perfect balance in your individually optimized workouts. Each client is different, so I make every effort to understand your comfort levels when it comes to exercise overall. I will then create an individually optimized workout plan to make sure you’re comfortable while also producing enough progressive overload to maintain steady, noticeable progress over time.

  • Perfect Exercise Form

Maintaining absolute perfect form throughout every rep, set, and workout are the most difficult aspects of resistance training. Maintaining perfect tempo, making sure you don’t bounce, activating the correct areas of the body, etc. are all aspects that come together to makeup perfect form. These are a few of the little things you’re going to learn in your eventual establishment of perfect exercise form while working with me.

  • Break Exercises Down To The Basics

With 1,000’s of variations of exercises available; I eliminate the fluff and explain to you why we’re including each specific exercise in your workout. Every exercise, repetition, and set range will serve a very specific purpose and reason as to why they are included in your custom workouts.

Maximize Results In Just 50-Minute Training Sessions.

Understand that we will NOT be rushing through a generic workout program to finish within 50 minutes.

In contrast, we will be using very specific exercises, tempo and timing, muscle targeting, time under tension, control, and the ever-important use of precise form and mind-muscle-connection – All factors that work together to promote optimum muscle activation and flexibility, all in just 50 minute training sessions.

Unlimited Support, Whenever You Need It

I’m always just a message away. So whenever you have questions or need support, you can always rely on me to respond back with a detailed answer to your specific questions.
My Clients Enjoy Many Benefits, Including:

Weight loss, firming/toning, more energy, strength, mobility, stamina, and an overall sense of vitality!

Contact Me Directly Via Text, Today

Everyone requires a custom road-map to success. 

Some require more attention and hand-holding, some require less.

So go ahead and text me what you’re looking to achieve, and I’d be happy to get the conversation going. I can tell you exactly what to expect in regards to training and nutrition specific to you and your specific goals and timelines. 

This way you’ll have a clear idea about what you can achieve while working with me as your private personal trainer.

Sam Chang

Certified Personal Trainer & Strength and Flexibility Coach

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